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Early Years Health Fair

Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition Early Years Health Fair

Runs three times a year - Spring, Summer and Fall

N'Amerind (London) Friendship Centre

Oneida Nation of the Thames

Chippewa of the Thames First Nation

rock painting

About the event

Provides a warm, nurturing, knowledgeable place for families to come together to learn how to best support their child's Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental well-beging.


Booths who have attended our event

Middlesex London Health Unit Logo

London Middlesex Health Unit

N'Amerind Friendship Centre

N'Amerind  (London) Friendship Centre

spirit bear

Jordan's Principle


Oneida Health


Chippewa Health

All kids belong logo

Merrymount -  All Kids Belong

Enji maajtaawaad logo

Enji Maajtaawaad Early Years

Vanier Logo

Vanier Children's Services

Oneida Culture Logo

Oneida Lanuage and Culture Centre


Health Canada

Child Reach Logo


London Public Libary

London Public Library

Chippewa Health Display

Feedback from over the years

Overall we have recieved very high reponse from families who attended in the following area's:

  • Organization
  • Information booths
  • Excellent Dinner/Meals Provided

Information families would like to see next time:

  • Outdoor Family Activity Ideas
  • At home family games
  • More take home activities and ideas in the different languages
  • Keynote speaker during dinner/meals being served