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Enji-Maajtaawaad Early Years Program

Do you have this bag?

If you have a child who is 4 years or younger and you have not received your Aboriginal Book Bundle, redeem this “prescription for literacy” at Enji-Maajtaawaad Early Years Program, Oneida HeadStart, Munsee-Delaware Nation Community Centre, At^Losha, N’Amerind.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - Song Sheet

Head and Shoulder - Song Sheet

Happy Birthday - Song Sheet

Choose the right child car seat - Ministry of Transportation

Using the right child car seat is the best way to prevent serious injury to children in collisions. This information will help you find the right child car seat for your child's height, weight and development.

For more information please visit:

How to Install a Toddler Forward-Facing Seat

Child Car Seat Safety - Middlesex-London Health Unit

Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of injury-related deaths among children and youth. A correctly installed car seat will decrease the chance of a child being killed in a crash by up to 75%.

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Government of Canada - Child Car Seats

Choosing and installing a child car seat or booster seat, recall notices, safety and testing information.

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Indigenous Centre of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care

The Ontario Indigenous Centre of Excellence invites you to explore pathways towards creating high quality, culturally safe space within child care and early years programs; with emphasis on how Indigenous (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) worldview intersects with current practice.

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Oneida Language and Cultural Centre

Oneida Language & Culture Centre (OLCC) practitioners work diligently to keep our language vibrant. Methods research is geared toward producing speakers who are equipped to use Oneida in their everyday lives in their homes, in their neighbourhoods and in our community.

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2000 Words to Grow

2000 Words to Grow is focused on creating happy, healthy children and youth in our community. They're all about reducing screen time, and help us to include 2000 words an hour in conversations with our children.

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tykeTALK offers information for parents and community professionals on speech and language development. tykeTALK offers programs for children in the Thames Valley region from birth to school-age.

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The MEHRIT Centre

The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) is a social enterprise, established by Dr. Stuart Shanker (D. Phil.) in 2012 to work towards a vision of calm, alert and flourishing children, youth and adults. Our mission is to ground learning and living in mindful self-regulation.

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Literacy...right from the Start!

A place to learn Anishinaabemowin

Welcome to Deshkan Ziibiing, or as we say “Biindigen”. We are commonly called Chippewas of the Thames First Nation. Our aim is to build online resources to help our language grow. This website is designed for Chippewas of the Thames citizens near and far. Let’s learn Anishinaabemowin together.

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Corn, Beans & Squash - Three Sisters Teaching

Knowledge Exchange Gathering: Land Based Knowledge

Knowledge Exchange Gathering: Beliefs about Risk Taking

Embedding Indigenous Pedagogy in Early Learning Environments

You Hold Me Up - By Monique Grey Smith

In this video Monique Gray Smith reads her book "You Hold Me Up"

My Heart Fills With Happiness - By Monique Grey Smith

In this video Monique reads from her Award winning children's book, "My Heart Fills With Happiness"

ABBC-Indigenous Story Telling: Learning Through the Eyes of the Child Workshop @ N'Amerind

Ferguson Plain : Story Telling at Chippewa of the Thames Community Centre ABBC Event

ABBC Storytelling and Legends

Oneida Pamphlet


Click to view the Simple Instructions Pamphlet.pdfClick on the image to see the words.


Ojibwe Language Words

Ojibwe Language informationOjbiwe Language part 2 information

Lunaape Pamphlet

Lunaape Language information sheet Lunaapee information sheet 2




Goodminds, is a First Nations family owned business, located on the Six Nations of the Grand River. We are your leading source for purchasing vetted First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and Native American culturally appropriate and culturally authentic educational resources and products.

As a First Nations company, we are passionate about Indigenous education, and strive to provide only quality educational products and exceptional customer service.

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Native Reflections

Native Reflections services all of North America, where we are working hard to preserve First Nations culture, language and traditions. We are looking to educate our youth through new and innovative ways, while keeping a connection to our past. We work with different First Nations across Canada to create new materials that promote our values and our traditional way of life.

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Jordan's Principle PSA - American Sign Language (ASL)

Bear Witness Day - May 10

Jordan River Anderson, The Messenger

Jordan River Anderson, The Messenger, Alanis Obomsawin, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

How to change systemic racism in Canada

What does racism look like in Canada? In this web series called "First Things First," Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada, tells us the story of Jordan River Anderson and why she continues to fight the Canadian government to gain rights for Indigenous children.

Jordan's Principle COTTFN Brochure

Information on Jordan's Principle COTTFN Brochure page 1Jordan's Principle Brochure COTTFN page 2

Family Info website

family info logoYour first stop for all things children, parenting and family life in London & Middlesex County.

Based on the work of more than 170+ children and family serving organizations, this site is a collection of essential parenting and family resources designed to help families thrive, no matter what their stage, background, or circumstances. It includes public sector, nonprofit and charitable organizations and programs that are licensed, regulated, and funded by various levels of government to serve children and families in our region.  Click Here

Chippewa of the Thames First Nation logo

 Chippewa of the Thames Bus Schedule - 2021

Bus Schedule


Community - Liz Akiwenzie

Be Indigenous | National Indigenous Peoples Day

One Take | What is Smudging? (Short version)

Lunaape Language Information

Toddler Movement Cards - Lunaape

Anishinaabemowin Language Information

Anishinaabemowin Sound Chart

Anishinaabemowin Words for Online Meetings

Valentine's Day Words French and Anishinaabemowin

Valentine's Day words in English and Anishinaabemowin

Gi daa naadamoon na

The Maage Song in Anishinaabemowin

The Lion Sleeps Song - Translated by Esbikenh from Bkejwanong

Oneida Language Information

Baby finger Song in Anishinaabemowin

Oneida Language Mom and Tot book: Starting the day, Clothing

Oneida - Body parts song video

Tsikwilʌtu children’s song video

Puppets with Kwitel & Shawatis Video 6 - What do you do?

Oneida - Baby Items

Tekanutu (Crocodile) kids song video

Oneida Language Version - Eating Time 9 Phrases

Oneida Language Circle Time


This video had date, time introduction, making lollipops out of cooked maple syrup and social dance singing. This video highlights the use of the Oneida language and is intended for educational purposes only.

Oneida nest tag khale snowman

Part english part Oneida of explaining pie tag and instructions in the language on how to build a snowman, in song. The following video highlights the use of the Oneida language and is intended for educational purposes only.

Oneida How the Bear Lost his Tail

Story told by Yehawi Ninham and Margret Perkins about how the bear lost his long tail. This video highlights the use of the Oneida language and is intended for educational purposes only.

Oneida Nest (Animals and Volcano)

Going through introduction, date and time. Kahnekanólu and her mother go through their animals and Yehawi and her children do an experiment with the snow. The following video highlights the use of the Oneida language and is intended for educational purposes only.

Oneida Getting dressed and undressed for outside

Video uses command for of putting on and off your winter clothes and also uses the words for I am putting something on and off right now. The following video highlights the use of the Oneida language and is intended for educational purposes only.

Oneida Song of the Robin

Short children’s sing along song with short video in the Oneida language

Oneida Colours

Learning colours in the Oneida language. The following video highlights the use of the Oneida language and is intended for educational purposes only.

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