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Red Shoes Rock Walk

September 9, 2019

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Chi-Miigwech, Yaw^ to everyone who helped make "2019 RED SHOE ROCK WALK" such a huge success.

We had 103 Participants today during our walk.

  • Standing Stone
  • Oneida Childcare
  • Oneida HeadStart
  • Enji-Maajtaawaad Early Years Program
  • N’Amerind
  • MLHU (Middlesex London Health Unit)
  • Chippewa Health Centre
  • Merrymount Children’s Centre
  • Chippewa, Oneida and Munsee Police
  • Chippewa Fire Department
  • Family Prevention Worker, Chippewa


It was a two wonderful evenings, and the turn out was great.  Please see the two video's from these different events.  Our first Video is from N'Amerind Friendship Centre from November 9th, 2019, the second video is from Chippewa of the Thames Community Centre from November 18th, 2019.


"London Bridge Educators want to express their gratitude to the N’Amerind Friendship Centre for opening their doors on Saturday for the ‘Indigenous Story Telling: Learning through the eyes of the Child’ facilitated by the Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition in partnership with Strive. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Eagle Feather~An Honour’ written and illustrated by Ferguson Plain, and appreciated the tour of the Friendship Centre. As Early Childhood Educators it is important for us to know the resources available in our community. Thank you for sharing. #ldnbridgecares #earlylearning #community #ldnont#storytelling #nurturingcuriousminds #kindhearts@striveswo @myabbc” Instagram

Aboriginal Book Bundles

Aboriginal Book Bundle Information - PDF

Supporting Family Well-Being and Connection Through Art Play

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Supporting Mental Health Through Art Therapy

Saturday October 17 1:00-3:00pm Via ZOOM  This workshop will cover the importance of mental health and well-being for caregivers and professionals.

Self-awareness is an essential skill to harness; recognizing how we feel, how our body reacts, and knowing how to regulate our emotions. It is essential that we take care of our well-being in all areas, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical, in order to have healthy and balanced mental health.

In this session, Tisha, owner and founder of Heal Through Love Art Therapy, will introduce participants to ways in which they can use art therapy as a tool to release emotions. Participants will learn new practices that can be utilized throughout their own mental health journeys and in their work with young children as well.

This will be a fun and interactive session, where you can be creative, express yourself, and share your process!

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Sunday May 10th is Bear Witness Day

Jordan’s Principle is a child-first principle and legal rule named in memory of Jordan River Anderson. It ensures First Nations children receive the services and supports they need when they need them.
May 10, is Spirit Bear’s birthday and an important date in the history of Jordan’s Principle. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s first non-compliance order called for Canada to fully implement Jordan’s Principle by May 10, 2016. Sadly, it took several years and further non-compliance orders against Canada before any real progress was made.
There are several ways to “Bear Witness” on May 10th.
Post your images of teddy bears in a show of support and solidarity:
·Show your support and “Bear Witness” to Jordan’s Principle by sharing on social media a teddy bear at your workstation (at home or otherwise) on May 10th.
·Post attached images on your social media feeds prior to May 10th and invite others to join “Bear Witness” the same way.
Watch and share these videos to learn more about Jordan’s Principle: 
  -     https://youtu.be/QLJVn4jfvAw FN caring society, provides a YouTube Video about Bear Witness Day.  Learn more about #BearWitnessDay by Visting https://fncaringsociety.com/BearWitness
·       https://youtu.be/j-xAloD75dQ(Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada, tells us the story of Jordan River Anderson and why she continues to fight the Canadian government to gain rights for Indigenous children.)
Don't forget to share your images of your Teddy Bear as you "Bear Witness" using the hostages #BearWitnessDay and @JordansPrinciple @myabbc @striveswo
Don’t forget to share your images of your Teddy Bear as you “Bear Witness”  using the hashtags #BearWitnessDay and #JordansPrinciple  @myabbc @striveswo

Bear Witness Day Flyer

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