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Aboriginal Beyond the Book Bundles provides culturally enriched numeracy and physically literacy to help support families to revitalize the language and culture for all ages. Please look at our twitter feed and Instagram feed for more information to come. We expect these to be available in Summer 2020.

Imagination Library

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Imagination Library LogoDo you or your child identify as First Nations, Metis or Inuit and living in the London - Chippewa - Munsee - Oneida area?  If so, you are eligible to participate in Dolly's Imagination Library.  This opportunity is brought to you by the Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition with support from London's Child and Youth Network.

Family and Professional Workshops

Provides culturally enriched workshops for Families and Professionals. These workshops offer an exciting opportunity for Professionals and/or Families to discuss and look at varies Indigenous topics.  We are currently working with Strive on our first Family and Professional Workshop.  We are very excited for this wonderful opportunity.  Please check out more information on our "Up Coming Events" page.

"London Bridge Educators want to express their gratitude to the N’Amerind Friendship Centre for opening their doors on Saturday for the ‘Indigenous Story Telling: Learning through the eyes of the Child’ facilitated by the Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition in partnership with Strive. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Eagle Feather~An Honour’ written and illustrated by Ferguson Plain, and appreciated the tour of the Friendship Centre. As Early Childhood Educators it is important for us to know the resources available in our community. Thank you for sharing. #ldnbridgecares #earlylearning #community #ldnont #storytelling #nurturingcuriousminds #kindhearts @striveswo @myabbc” Instagram

Your Prescription for Literacy

“Reading not only has tremendous power when it comes to fuelling the development of all aspects of language ability.”

Delbert Riley is a Canadian First Nations leader of Chippewa of the Thames.  He was chief of the National Indian Brotherhood (known today as the Assembly of First Nations) from 1980-1982.

In partnership with the Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition, SOAHAC, Libraries in Middlesex County and the City of London, Family Centre’s and EarlyON Centre’s, are helping to make sure that every family with an infant, toddler, preschooler has access to some literacy “remedies.”  Your Prescription for Literacy is an initiative in which patients with children under the age of 4 are given a coupon that they can take to Oneida HeadStart, Enji-Maajtaawaad Early Years, Munsee-Delaware Nation Community Centre, N’Amerind or At^Losha to receive an Aboriginal Book Bundle of their very own.  This comprehensive resource includes a collection of quality board books, an Indigenous Children’s Music and community-based resources for parents.  

It is through frequent meetings with parents who have babies and young children, that you have the opportunity to play a significant role in promoting not only the importance of literacy for a baby or child’s success, but also for sharing simple and easy ways that literacy can become a part of daily family life…right from the start!

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