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Aboriginal Beyond the Book Bundles

Aboriginal Beyond the Book Bundles provides culturally enriched numeracy and physically literacy to help support families to revitalize the language and culture to help with school readiness.  Please click on the link and view our video's.  


Imagination Library

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library for children aged 0-5. Children receive a book delivered to their home each month.

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Family and Professional Workshops

Provides culturally enriched workshops for Families and Professionals.


CMO Red Shoe Rock Walk

Back in 2018 we started CMO Red Shoe Rock Walk.  Our walk takes place annually within Chippewa of the Thames First Nation during the beginning of September, which is FASD Awareness Month.  Red Shoes Rock, is a global awareness campaign giving a voice and support to those affected by prenatal alcohol exposure.


Early Years Health Fairs

We are committed to providing a warm, nurturing, knowledgeable place for families to come together to learn about their child's health.


Aboriginal Book Bundle: Medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit

In partnership with the Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition and the Child and Youth Network has agreed to help purchase these book bundles for years to come.  We have created Aboriginal Book Bundle: Medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit for Infant, Toddler, and Preschool.


Car Seat Clinics

Car seat clinics provided in partnership with Oneida Nation of the Thames, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation and N'Amerind Friendship Centre.