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Family and Professional Workshops

Provides culturally enriched workshops for Families and Professionals. These workshops offer an exciting opportunity for Professionals and/or Families to discuss and look at varies Indigenous topics.

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London Bridge Educators want to express their gratitude to the N’Amerind Friendship Centre for opening their doors on Saturday for the ‘Indigenous Story Telling: Learning through the eyes of the Child’ facilitated by the Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition in partnership with Strive. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Eagle Feather~An Honour’ written and illustrated by Ferguson Plain, and appreciated the tour of the Friendship Centre. As Early Childhood Educators it is important for us to know the resources available in our community. Thank you for sharing. #ldnbridgecares #earlylearning #community #ldnont #storytelling #nurturingcuriousminds #kindhearts @striveswo @myabbc Instagram

Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition empowers communities by supporting, strengthening and educating families through culturally enriched resources.

This was an evening where famiies and professionals came together and interacted in Oneida, Anishinaabemowin, Lunaape Lanuages.  Families rotated and joined in on some fun interactive literacy activities.

With support of Fanshawe College and Strive, at Chippewa of the Thames First Nation Community Centre.  Aboriginal Babies and Beyond hosted an evening where famiies and professionals came together.

Artist and author Ferguson Plain reads his book "Eagle Feather: An Honour" and tells a story.